The exhibition

Read more about the new museum, how we exhibit fossils, and where you can find us.

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Experience the past

The Permian period

When animals first conquered land


Life on Earth began in water. But at some point, long before the dinosaurs, the first animals traded their gills for lungs and took the first steps on land.

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The Dinosaur Era

Reptiles became fierce giants

Big Joe

More than 200 million years ago reptiles ruled on earth and evolved into the first landwalking giants. The dinosaurs were born, and they thrived for more than 150 million years before a meteorite impact put an end to their world.

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The Ice Age

Mysterious mammals took over

giant sloth

Mammals took over after the dinosaurs and in the Ice Age they evolved into mega-mammals. These big mammals ruled the ice age world until they disappeared 10.000 years ago, when humans became abundant.

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