Discover the wonders of prehistoric life at the Museum of Evolution in Denmark. This unique museum offers a captivating multi-sensory experience with lights, sounds, and scents that bring evolutionary history to life in a completely modern way.

Whether you're a family with children, an enthusiast, or somewhere in between, the Museum of Evolution offers something for everyone. Plan your visit today and embark on a journey through 300 million years of evolutionary history at Denmark's first and only dinosaur museum.

Welcome to Denmark's First and Only Dinosaur Museum

The museum actively supports scientific inquiry and houses genuine skeletons of many exquisite fossils from the Permian, Jurassic, Cretaceous, and Neogene periods, including a spectacularly preserved specimen of Allosaurus; the largest ceratopsian specimen in the world, a Torosaurus; the largest specimen of the North American stag moose, Cervalces; and the 8th specimen of the first bird, Archaeopteryx. Many of these specimens are currently being studied by scientists from across the world.

Museum Layout

The Museum of Evolution spans over 1,000 square meters, housed in two buildings filled with spectacular and extremely valuable discoveries. All of the museums fossils have been excavated over the past ten years, and cover 300 million years of evolutionary history.

Download the museum map here (coming soon...).

Ticket Prices

Located within the scenic Knuthenborg Safaripark, tickets to the Museum of Evolution also grant access to the entire park. Start by exploring the museum's rare dinosaur fossils, then venture into the safari park to encounter living animals.

Day tickets at the entrance:

  • Adult: 40 EUR
  • Child (3-11 years old): 27 EUR

Day tickets pre-booked online:

  • Adult: Starting at 29 EUR
  • Child (3-11 years old): Starting at 13 EUR

Flex tickets: Can be used any day during the season.

  • Adult: 38 EUR
  • Child (3-11 years old): 25 EUR
  • Children under 3 years old are free.

Knuthenborg, Northern Europe's largest safari park, offers a unique adventure where animals roam freely across vast grounds. Get up close to the animals, explore Denmark's largest water and nature playground in Limpopoland, and walk through the Forest of the Dinosaurs, a sequoia forest where you meet lifelike dinosaur giants with vivid movements and sounds—all included in your ticket.